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Residential Crawl Space Services

If your home has a crawl space, then you know it can be an area that has some unique issues that are different from problems people with basements have. Whether those issues are water in the crawl space after it rains, mold growth or mildew smells, or even a cracked wall (which could be related to a foundation issue), we have experience working on those types of problems and have solutions in mind. Moisture in a crawl space can create an unhealthy environment that may smell bad and become structurally unsound. Water in an non-ventilated area allows mold and dust mites to thrive producing toxic airborne mold spores. These toxic airborne spores can cause poor indoor air quality and can increase symptoms of allergies.

Crawl spaces that are not properly sealed with liners can cause pest infestations, cold or swelled floors, and high electric or gas bills plus the resulting health and structural issues and uneven or sagging floors. Generally, encapsulating crawl spaces is the most effective solution to resolve the poor air quality issues, pests, and high utility bills. Crawl space dehumidifiers can also be installed to combat any moisture issues. Crawl space encapsulation is often performed in conjunction with a drainage system and a sump pump system to resolve any existing drainage issues.

Problem Signs

Typically problem signs in crawl spaces could not be apparent for years but they tend to be related to musty smells or water.

Problem Signs


While the solutions for crawl space problems are limited, they generally focus on closing off the space and controlling any water and moisture inside.

Repair Solutions

Customer Reviews

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Epoxy Injection in Alexandria, VA
I had a leaking crack in my foundation that they epoxy injected. I was pleased with the service and I haven't had any issues since!
Coignez S - Alexandria, VA 22312
Waterproofing in Alexandria, VA
We've used Deska several times and the past and they've always been great!
Janice M - Alexandria, VA 22312
Waterproofing in Alexandria, VA
Our realtor recommended Deska. We had an engineering inspection done and we needed to seal the cracks with epoxy and install a drain system/pump. They offered a lifetime warranty on the drain system so I am one happy camper!
Matthew N - Alexandria, VA 22312