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Residential Drainage Solutions

Proper drainage on your property can not only prevent costly damage to your basement and even your foundation, it can also improve the overall look of your yard by removing wet, muddy, problematic areas. When you work with a professional drainage company that installs trusted drainage solutions, you can rest easy knowing the problem has been solved correctly. Some of the more common drainage solutions we use are outlined below.

French Drains

French drain diagram

A French drain, also known as a trench drain, blind drain, and drain tile, is a trench or void filled with gravel, rock, or other perforated pipe that redirects groundwater and surface water in the area to a desired location. French drains can be installed around the interior or exterior of a foundation or building to evacuate water from the location. French drains are sometimes used with sump pump systems when the drain cannot gravity drain naturally to a lower desired area. By collecting and removing the water away from the foundation, French drains relieve the hydrostatic pressure from foundation walls and slabs.

French drains are generally used in conjunction with drain board, dimple board, or vapor barriers to ensure all water is properly collected and no moisture or vapor can evade the drain system.

Downspout Extensions

Downspout Extensions

A downspout extension is a pipe that connects roof gutter downspouts to a horizontal pipe that allows the drain to discharge the water away from the structure. Downspout extensions can be above grade or be buried below grade for aesthetic purposes. Downspout extensions must be buried on a grade to properly drain or they risk being easily clogged or water freezing inside of the pipe. We recommend using PVC drain pipe with clean-outs for downspout extensions for durability and for proper maintenance.

Rain Leaders

A rain leader is a pipe that connects roof gutter downspouts to sewer service. If rain leaders are not properly maintained or deteriorated, they can be damaged or clogged and no longer drain properly. Often excavation and repair or replacement is required.

Additional Solutions

Occasionally, we will also install a related product as part of a basement waterproofing solution including perimeter drains, gravity drains, and sump pump systems. Depending on where the water issues are, we may also implement a retaining wall and weep hole design to control water.

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