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Residential Structural Inspections and Evaluations

Structural Inspections

Are you in need of a structural inspection due to home inspection issues? Do you need an inspection for a construction permit? Whether you've got a deteriorated foundation, a problematic construction project, you failed a permit inspection, or are concerned about a noticeable home issue, let the professionals at Deska Services provide you with an experienced and affordable inspection and recommendations for repairs. We have professionally licensed engineers on staff to properly evaluate and diagnose structural issues.

Professional Structural Evaluations

Our structural evaluations are available for some of these more common issues a home faces:

Roof Truss Issues

Broken or cracked roof trusses are very common in our area due to the age of many homes. A broken or deteriorated truss member can be very serious issue, even if it's only one member. Trusses are designed to be incredibly strong by their design of having all members be either in tension or compression. By allowing none of the truss members to act as beams with any flexural or moment loading, trusses maximize their strength to material ratio.

The downside of trusses is that because they're so efficiently designed, they are non-redundant structures. This means that if one member or one joint fails, the entire system will fail. This is why just one truss issue can be very serious.

Understanding how a truss is signed and functions is important for repairing or retrofitting a truss system. Considering the complex nature of how truss systems work, it is important that truss systems are designed by professional engineers and are repaired properly by licensed and certified contractors. Improperly repaired truss systems can result in serious structural and safety issues.

Engineering Evaluations

There is a verbal engineering evaluation fee starting at $375 that includes the following:

  1. Site visit by licensed professional engineer
  2. Verbal background of the site observations
  3. Specific description of the problem as visible
  4. Specific diagnosis or "next steps" if required for proper diagnosis to be performed
  5. Rating of the issue from "aesthetic", "structural", to "critical safety"
  6. General repair or follow-up recommendations
  7. This evaluation type is also known as an engineer's opinion

If desired, a written, signed, and sealed engineering report of the licensed professional engineer's observations on site can be provided documenting the site visit for an additional $200.

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If you've got a question about our structural inspection or engineering services, do not hesitate to contact us and set up a consultation.

Customer Reviews

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Engineering Services in Alexandria, VA
I had a very good experience with this company. We had an engineer come out and he was very knowledgeable and wrote a report and made some repair recommendations. We used them to do the work and I was very pleased with the completed project!
Gina M - Alexandria, VA 22301
Epoxy Injection in Alexandria, VA
I had a leaking crack in my foundation that they epoxy injected. I was pleased with the service and I haven't had any issues since!
Coignez S - Alexandria, VA 22312
Foundation Repair in Alexandria, VA
I've used Deska several times over the years for foundation repair and waterproofing issues and they have always been very honest and helpful! Good contractors are hard to find and they are truly a professional company!
Maria C - Alexandria, VA 22312